Friday, March 6, 2015

Dolce & Gabbana - Mommies on the Runway

In case you didn't know, there is a high-level of snark & shade-throwing in the fashion blogging community.
For example, when Dolce & Gabbana did their show at Milan Fashion Week recently, a blogger tweeted, "Nothing says fashion more than a bunch of anorexic 15 year old models holding babies."

After seeing this, I did my research and found that all of the babies in this show are being held BY THEIR VERY OWN MOMMIES. Thin, Tall, Small-Framed women can be moms too.

Here is Bianca Balti, beautiful and glowing with her pregnant life-giving belly:

I felt like the *snarky blogger*'s statement that these models are "15 year old anorexics" is just another attack of women on women. ATTN: HUMANS COME IN A PLETHORA OF BODY HABITUS VARIETIES.

Saying that these women could not be mothers is just straight up discrimination AND MEAN.
Yes, "real women have curves" but "REAL WOMEN" are also athletically shaped (like Moi), some are more Endomorphic (all about that bass), and some are Olive-Oyl reedlike. And there are beautiful women that span every degree of this spectrum from end to end, showing how amazing genetics and human variation are.

So please, let's not be snarky haters and see a model walking the runway and immediately label her as having an eating disorder, that is not cool.
This woman is a mom, she has the same struggles as you and I. She's trying the best she can to do right by her children.

And wearing clothing just happens to be her job:
She's a working mom just like all of us; no matter if where we work is in the home or on Wall Street or for NASA or at McDonalds.
We're all in this world together, and lawd knows we will all have a better go at life if we cut out his *women on women* smack talking crap. We are smarter than this. Let's pull together, divide and CONQUER!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fundraiser for CURED at Posh Boutique this Saturday!

The ONE thing I love more than fashion is Kids. So whenever there's an opportunity to help Kids in any way I am all over that like 5 inch heels on a Tom Ford stiletto. 

A girlfriend of mine has these BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL SMART TALENTED kids that are going through life with Eosinophilic Disorders, and there is simply not enough funding for the research of treatment of this diagnosis. 

These Eosinophilic Disorders cause these sweet children pain, they limit the variety of food they can intake, and have effects on many areas of their lives, AND THIS NEEDS TO STOP RIGHT NOW!

So the Ladies Night Out Shopping Fundraiser was born!
now who doesn't like to shop?

and then when you shop, and IT'S BENEFITING the lives of young people, WHAT COULD BE BETTER!?

Posh Boutique has some adorable (and VERY well priced) stuff:

Check out these arm warmers! Only $16! can you believe it!?

and these dorbsies boots that I will be stomping around in all Spring! Only $46!

and this cross body, by Michigan based handbag designer Jenna Kator. How cute is this:
PLUS, they are made from VEGAN LEATHER and are completely cruelty-free. I luh dat. It's such a slouchy functional bag, this is honestly something everyone could use. And it's only $98 !!!

So please come join me, we'll have a glass of wine, I might braid your hair. And together let's raise money for Eosinophilic Disorders so that the brilliant minds of todays world can find a cure for this disorder and set those children FREE!

for more info: tweet me @readydressedgo or email me at

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fabulous From the Front.... And the Back....

I love surprises... Give me a big reveal, I love it. Three ladies at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party wore gowns that look as outstanding coming, as going... Giving you a 360 degree treat of Sartorial Magic. 

Behati Prinsloo wore a Calvin Klein Collection slip dress:
This dress is so gorgeously simple, just a sheath of silk. She's a lady that radiates happiness and I feel that is shows in this gown. I love the simple neckline.

Then she turns around and reveals a luxurious open back. I can't even imagine how comfortable this would be to wear, let alone how lovely it looks.

I also adore this dress in her portrait taken at the soiree with her husband. It just shows less is more. I think it's really cool that photographer Mark Seliger did these gorgeous well lit shots.

Miranda Kerr showed up in this EVERYTHANG-LICIOUS Emilio Pucci:
Looking at her from this angle, you think, "WOW SHE'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LADY EVER!"

and then her dress says, "wait wait wait... hold on there's more!!"
and then you pass out.

I don't think I could do these basically backless dresses. I like to wear a REAL bra. I always feel way too exposed if I have to wear some sort of non-normal breast harness, which would be required for these looks that show so much skin.

Talk about showing skin... check out Rita Ora in Donna Karan Atelier!
Rita is using the well-loved Starlet attention-grabbing ploy of basically being naked. 

Who is not going to put this in a magazine? Who is not going to click on the link that says, "see Rita Ora with her ass out!" it's like chum for visual sharks.

She does look lovely in her portrait from the Vanity Fair party by Mark Seliger. Her pose is *tres posey*, but she's young, she probably doesn't know better. Plus, she got her underwear-less hip spotlighted so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

I do like the concept of a garment that is visually spectacular at every visible angle, it's like the excitement of fancy clothing never ends, you can just keep going around and around...

Monday, February 23, 2015


I was looking over my notes on the Oscars Red Carpet fashion this morning, and witnessed a disturbing fact...
The Men Out-Dressed the Women. 

How the hell could this happen? WE, as women, have so many greater options when it comes to black-tie garment choices. We can do short gowns, long gowns, hot pants (like Lauren Hutton did in 1980):
bandeau tops (like Cher did in 1974):
tuxes, ANYTHING!

But WE didn't. The women at last night's Academy Awards played it safe, and the Men really brought their sartorial A-game. It's lovely to see! I love seeing guys play with color and different cuts and/or go totally tradish with an Old Hollywood Tuxedo. 

My Best Dressed for the ENTIRE Awards show regardless of gender is David Oyelowo in Dolce & Gabbana:
I love the color of this tuxedo, the fit is outstanding, it's modern and classic at the same time. It was especially cool since we saw so many midnight blue tuxes on the red carpet, David was like a breath of fresh air. He looks flawless, the perfect *Movie Star*

In a traditional tux, Bradley Cooper brought his sassiest resting-bitch-face in Ferragamo:
I know he speaks French, I really hope he spoke fluent Francais all night in this. There wouldn't be a dry pantie in the house. He's totally working his angles in this too, he knows he looks good. Watch him pop that booty. I usually don't objectify people this much, I swear

Jesus Catalano serving up Easter Egg Pastel Lavender in an unknown designer.
Full Disclosure: I probably would have put him on this list no matter what he was wearing... Wife beater, Zubaz, Crocs, whatever. Jared Leto's vibe is just so chill, and he's so goddam beautiful, it's like a perfect rose, even if you drop it on the ground or vomit on it, it's still gorgeous. I'm just really sad that when he was in my town recently he didn't stop by to say "Hi", I cried for days.
But really, this pant cut is kind of bizarre, and *novel*. The break on the hem is almost manpri short. I think he should have gone no socks and rolled the cuff once. Sorry I have to stop typing, I'm being blinded by those shoes.

Chrissy Teigen's slammin bod in Zuhair Murad:
She's beautiful, She's funny, I like the statement Lippie... We aren't re-inventing the wheel with this look, but she's just lovely. Her legs are insane, I don't even know if they're real. It's hilarious that in this day and age, a cut to the belly button deep-V no longer shocks, so we CAN pair it with a cut up to there slit because as long as someone's labia aren't showing, we are in the clear.

Jennifer Lopez serving up seckzy Disney Princess realness in Elie Saab:
I adore this dress. it's like every little girl <that wants to show off their entire sternum> 's dream come true. Like I was saying above, the ultra deep-V no longer shocks... J.Lo's décolletage is like an old friend we see every awards season. Remember the first time she wore one? In 2000! We were all like, "Oh My God! It's like she's naked!" Now we don't bat a false-eyelash.
This blush color that exactly matches her skin kills me in it's loveliness. it's like the *JLo Body Bling Glow* was woven into fabric. In my eye, it almost appears that the gown is part of her skin, like she's this mythical ethereal faery. All she would have to do is spin 3 times in this gown and vanish away to whatever crystal & pearl studded JLo-verse she inhabits.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

color... colOR... COLOR!!!! At Jeremy Scott & Delpozo

I go to my daughter's dance class and sit among the moms in a sea of grey-black-navy haze, thinking "ah, i wonder if it would make their hearts happy to put on something bright!?"

I think every single day I wear a bright piece of clothing, it's like my talisman. I look at my colors and they bring me energy, light, love, they help me go on in this craptastic -22 degrees F weather. 

Delpozo brought the COLOR for Fall 2015 
in the form of these FANFREAKINGTASTIC coats. Look at this!!! Not only is it in this SUPER ecstatically happy Kelly Green, but it's got awesome-fun structured sleeves, the gorgeous beaded front panels, this is SO INCREDIBLE! There is scientific evidence that wearing this above jacket will bring smiles to all those around you.

This Delpozo swallow coat is also so beautiful. The serene sky blue...
 with leather appliqué, this is a piece of art. I love the subdued kind of retro palette, and the seaming is just lovely. It has the look of the future. Clean lines, Modern Cut-Leather shapes. It's as if this coat should be worn only by proto-human androids on a spacecraft because we are flawed and not worthy.

And then Delpozo did this elegant, yet alluring crimson coat:
I adore this, and I can't wait to wear bare legs again. At this point, it doesn't seem that it will ever be a reality. I love this look to because of it's demure "Little Red Riding Hood" quality but it's really a seckzy as hell red, and cut so high on the thigh. Garments with this sort of contrast make me happy.

For the first time, Jeremy Scott blew me away with his brilliance:
I LOVE THIS LOOK!! hahhah! This is so me. I think I have this above dress without the cartoon elephants, but NOW I WANT CARTOON ELEPHANTS. I have hated every one of Jeremy Scott's collections, the McDonalds, the Barbie... etc etc, but this one which is kind of a spin on children's clothing brought me home to Jesus.

Jeremy even did these dope boy looks!
This sweater and these harlequin leather patchwork pants are AMAZE. I love them together too.

I never really saw my clothing choices as "childish" but now I kind of see that they are:
like this jacket-dress with the flowers and happy piggies. I want that RIGHT NOW! The oversized zipper is fantastic too. I love a novelty print.
Wow, this explains a lot, my art is very childish, i act very childish, and now because of Jeremy Scott I realize I love childish clothes. Thank you for the existential vision quest.

Not that I ever wouldn't any time of year, but this fall I'm going to be looking for some BRIGHT ASS JACKETS and clothes to match my BRIGHT ASS MOOD! Yay! Thank you Delpozo & Jeremy Scott!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

New York Fashion Week - PART DUEX *Gowns and Cool-Girl Clothes*

Another batch of runway shows in the books. 
Bitches were werqing that catwalk like Prize-Fighters. 
And the designers too; both He-Bitches & She-Bitches continued to show some of the most beautiful clothing I've ever seen. I hope this isn't like the 1980s and I'm just culture-blind and think this stuff is good. It just looks really classic, these looks and they are tickling my fashion-bone in a major way.

Badgley Mischka had tons of gorgeous evening gowns:
And I love the half-up beehive hair and cat-eye liner. So chic.
This gown above I thought was transcendent in it's color scheme. It looks beautiful on this model with her red hair. It's simple, yet complex. Ornate, yet comfortable-looking. It's not delivery, it's DiGiornio.

Even J.Crew had some phenomenal pieces for their runway show, I didn't even know they did a runway show!
 I love this skirt, I love this jacket, I love the shoes with the little tassel. I don't super love that they are all so matchy-matchy, but this is J.Crew and let's remember their pedestrian pedigree. Also, I don't know what is up with the sweater in this outfit. I'm not a sweater wearer, but I'm not thinking that a sweater is what you want to be tucking into to a skirt with sheen. The bulk? Lumps and bumps?  I'd probably replace it with a simple tissue weight T. There's already enough going on.

 This look for Jil Sander Navy made me spit out my tea and shriek OH MAH GAWD!
Gimme dat jacket. and Gimme dem boots. Case closed. Pops of primary color and great construction make me super happy.

Marc by Marc Jacobs had some interesting 90s-ish looks that involved "words" and crap, but they also had this super cool jacket:
It's a pretty costumey piece this jacket, but I've never been one to shy away from that. It's kind of like Old Skool Military meets English Schoolgirl.

Naeem Khan did a BILLION gorgeous evening looks. It was difficult to pick just one.
 But this gilded royal genie dress caught my heart in it's hands. So much detail and all of it sweeping around the body's curves and swerves. I wouldn't be surprised if we see this on the Red Carpet for the Oscars on Sunday.

And then my Queen, Naomi Campbell, walked the finale of Zac Posen:
In this gorgeous iridescent dream. There are not many women that would carry this gown off the way she does, I'm just thrilled that she continues to stomp the catwalks. I love the sense of the Model as Personality like in the 1990s. I think you need a strong, confident woman to stride in these breathtaking piece of art garments!

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Best from New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week, where the bloggers wear their most obnoxious costumes to get photographed by the paparazzi, who are there to get pictures of the real celebrities. Sometimes I think it's a bit of a spectacle. But in that, I love it. I love it so much. 

Let's have SHOWS FOR FASHION! It's my all time favorite art form! 

I feel like the collections for Fall 2015 have been transcendent. Lots of 1970s long lean vibe, which I am always digging. and lots of nipped waist "New Look" homages, who doesn't like that look? Seriously, everyone loves it. 

Altuzarra turned this mother out with these fur collars:
and the tulip-shaped bottom of this coat! WITH THE RUFFLE! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

yeah, I know the collar is a little Macklemore-y, but who cares, I loved his jacket too:
and I love thrift shops and slurpees.

Altuzarra continued the slay-fest with this *clean as a whistle* camel suit:
Look at that leg-line: it keeps going, going, going, nope it's still going... Slim cut jacket with a skinny yet structured lapel and it's a hip-grazing length!? This would make anyone's body look like Gisele's. I'm in love.

Custo Barcelona had some bad-ass knits & prints, as they always do:
I love this men's look (above). I can't wait til the day when men get over this Puritanical-Crap Mindset of only wearing Polo shirts and Jeans and getting into some *REAL* Fashion. WEAR SOME COLOR, GUYS, IT WON'T KILL YOU.

I also loved these boots Custo Barcelona did for the laydeez:
I find that a large-shaft boot provides the fun illusion of a very slim thigh. This dress is killer too. Oh, and I really want to get some nude fishnets for fall. It's a fun look.

Herve Leger I usually abhor. I can't stand body-con every damn season. But look:
How intricate and gorgeous is this dress!? I love that it has a 1940's flavor but in a very futuristic-type way. All the paneling and seaming & origami are beyond flattering on the body. I really want this dress.

Opening Ceremony did this little collabo with director Spike Jonze:
The print of this jacket is a collage of photos Spike Jonze has taken. And if you know me personally, you know that I love little jackets like this, and this is just so my jammm that it's beyond Jam, it's Lemon Curd because that shit is just so good.

Tracy Reese who I've never really latched onto, blew me away this season:
Leather Paneled Moto-Cross Jumper??? FUCK YES PLEASE.
yes yes yes, this look did remind me a little of last season's Gucci, and last season's LV by Nicolas Ghesquiere. But I love it, and it's a little literal 1970s in the hem-length which is EDGY, and I love the oversized zip. it's just fun and cool. and Charlie's Angels-y.

Tracy Reese also did this TOTES AMAZE long motocross dress/jacket!
I have never seen anything like that before, which is the best thing in the world, because there is so much repetition in this field. Fashion is incestuous and when something comes around that is completely novel, like this or the Armadillo shoe from McQueen, it makes me heart smile and I cry tears of joy.

Yigal Azrouel succeeded in making me a fluffy fur jacket that will not make me look like a Yeti:
I want to love a fur coat but I'm 6 foot tall and I always really dislike all that bulk in my midsection. I want to be able to prance around like a panther and jump from place to place unhindered by giant-puffy-fluff around my belly. I like the toughness the black leather bodice brings to this jacket too.

and then Diane von Furstenberg came with the *COLOR*:
and *PRINTS* and *good 1980s*. shoulder pads can work, i know if you're my age you are thinking "NO", but yes, shoulder pads provide structure and make a waist look optically slim. Pair it with a Deep V and a stomach-cinching leather obi belt like this and BAM!!! 36-24-36

So the styles for Fall of 2015 are looking SPECTACULAR! I can't wait to go shopping!