Monday, December 30, 2013

MY Most Fashionable Men of 2013 (not the Pope)

Esquire magazine just named THIS GUY, Pope Francis, as *Best Dressed Man of 2013*
I am not joking. Here is the article (click here)


To be clear, I have nothing against the Pope. 

BUT, I love fashion, and I would have LOVED to see someone that puts THOUGHT and CREATIVITY, Heart and SOUL into their passion for dressing. 
The Pope wears a uniform. 

So I took it upon myself to find the ACTUAL most stylish men of 2013. Here they are *BAM*

- Devendra Banhart
lawd jesus, I've had a crush on him for a decade.
 He's always had great style. I mean look at this
 He even looks good wearing a DAMN JUMPSUIT!
You cannot deny that this is better than a poly-blend Pope robe!

- Lenny Kravitz
this man has looked fantastic every day of his life.
 And here he is with his daughtie. Love him even more.
 Does Lenny just NOT AGE? What the hell? "Mama Said" came out in 1991! and he just keeps looking more and more handsome & stylish. Def best dressed.
Don't you agree?

- Pharrell Williams
(needs no explanation)
 Fantastic musician, Good Looking, AMAZING DRESSER Always!

 Swagger for decades.

Wears a tux just OWNING the look. This man knows how to wear clothes.

- Russell Westbrook
Super Creative Sartorial Master & Awesome Basketball Player (poor buddy got injured)
 Always lots of color and GREAT FIT. I love that he does a tailored slim silhouette.

Dudes, get yourself a cardigan. It just makes you look put together.

-Ryan Gosling
"hey girl.... I'm gorgeous and I stop crimes from happening and I dress sharp on top of that!"
 Not many men have the courage to wear the deep-V. I love it. I've tried to get Stonewash into these.
 Slim fit suit in TEAL. BOOM!! CHAMPION!!
 He just could not look better than right here. This is Sartorialist "I live in Milan and drive gorgeous wooden boats around" shit. Could anyone in their right mind think this is not as good looking as the Pope.

Now, let's explore this...

Was Esquire AT DEADLINE, and they needed to GET THIS ARTICLE THE HELL DONE so they were like, "FUCK IT! PICK THE POPE!! No one can argue that! If they do they're going STRAIGHT TO HELL!"
 Please give me your thoughts. I do not understand this at all. It saddens me.


  1. Yeah, I don't get their choice either, unless they're going for some kind of non-secular 'what they wear on the inside' thing? Perhaps they just want some brownie points with God before NYE partying.

    1. that has got to be it. it's really odd.