Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Twelve Supermodels of Christmas

Modeling is a bizarre occupation. What are you? An actor? A human clothes hanger? An ideal?

I think it's a mix. It's being an acrobat, a dreamer, a sculpture while being the sculptor. Creating images is an art, good angles and light combined with beauty and control and pleasing proportions.

In the name of Christmas... As a gift to you....

My Twelve Supermodels of Christmas:

1. Dovima.

My all time fav. I don't think there was a model before, or since that has been so dynamic with posing and having the body parts to make these gorgeous angles. Of course she made you want to buy the clothes she was wearing... Because she made them look like fine art.

2. Joan Smalls.

She is of the new school. My favorite model on the runway right now. I feel like she's a chameleon she can appear so different from campaign to campaign. There is not just one look from Joan, every angle, every shot is original and gorgeous. Plus she exudes confidence and strength, which i love.

3. Alek Wek.
I just love her smile and her energy. She BEAMS. With a willowy graceful silhouette. If I were a designer I would want her to wear all of my clothes, because she gives off this feeling that she's living the best life possible. Plus, her shots in profile are to DIE FOR. Just this beauty in the face that's THRILLING.

 4. Agyness Deyn.
She brings character and a different kind of beauty to the table. She spans the spectrum from boyish swagger to Marilyn Monroe glam. I love her street style which is kind of an 80s/90s punk rock vibe.

 5. Gisele.

What I would consider "the last of the supermodels". Someone that is a Brand unto themselves, a household name by only 2 syllables. Her small frame feigns a voluptuous figure, framed by her trademark hair, and flawless cheekbones. She also is an expert posing machine, throwing beautiful extreme angles and playing with the light.

6. Iman.

An icon. This shot is from the 80s, but she looks as beautiful today as she did then! I love her whole story, and her career, her love with David Bowie, that's she's a mother... I just love all of it. The fact that she looks like a painting is just the icing on the cake.

7. Kate Moss.

The Helen of Troy. The face that's launched a thousand campaigns. You can tell that she treats modeling as an art & garments as her tools because the imagery that she's created for the last 35 years is ALWAYS fantastic. Her style off-duty is PERFECTION too. She always looks like a perfect rock n roll bad ass.

8. Linda Evangelista.

when I was a teen first looking through fashion magazines I just idolized Linda with her brazen hair color changes & styles. She just has a face that takes your breath away. Going down the runway, Linda's energy and stomp were contagious and legendary.

9. Raquel Zimmermann.

I LOVE Raquel's work with the photographer David Sims. The photos she's made with him just JUMP off the page. She's such a beauty, but she acts almost more like an athlete while being photographed. 

10. Shalom Harlow

Another one of my early idols. I always felt she has this Dovima meets Elizabeth Taylor aura. With an aristocratic look and porcelain skin, she glows.

11. Naomi Campbell.

She. Is. Perfect. I love her TOTALLY over the top ATTITUDE. She's been the most gorgeous woman in the world for decades and she knows it. There is no other queen, Queen Beyonce? PLEASE. Naomi has been commanding runways since we all were in braces. There is no competition she wins. BOOM

12. Veruschka. 

The world grand champion of the universe for modeling art. She pushed every boundary, until she felt like the photographers ideas were running out and then took matters into her own hands, becoming a photographer herself, inventing images so interesting and different that she became the ARTISTE. And at 71 she still walks runways today! Viva la Veruschka. 


  1. I've never heard of most of these people, so thanx for the quickie lesson in modeling!!