Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Guys, how to look HOT in the Summer

Apparently a memo has been going around for decades to ALL MEN that you have ONLY 2 options for your summer wardrobe. 

Either a Polo shirt with baggy cargo shorts:

OR a T-shirt with baggy cargo shorts:

Jesus Christ!! Is this the best you can do!!?

BUT, I went shopping for Stonewash the other day... and literally this above is all that was offered.
I was super confused.

In Women's wear we see different styles every season, trickling down from the runways of NYC, Paris & Milan.
There are Menswear runway collections too!! Here! I'll show you!!

Armani Spring/Summer 2014:
 How fantastic are these shirts!? And the shorts are totally bad-ass. I love a man in a knee-exposing short, i think it looks so modern. So much more modern than the cargo shorts that just look all 1994 Lollapalooza to me.

Prada Spring/Summer 2014:
AWESOME PRINTS, GREAT COLOR PALETTE. That first sweater is just so fantastic, i can't even form words. Now these looks you are surely not seeing on the street, and that is a shame. At least not on the streets in the Midwest, that is for damn sure, BUT WHY?

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2014:
This is a pretty traditional men's summer look, but updated. I love how the shorts fit nicely to the legs, and again a shorter inseam. I also love the brogues without socks worn with a short, that's very 2014.

I've talked to the hubs about this. "Why do you think guys don't stray from that boring shlumpy polo/cargo look?" and he said that there is such a strange stigma for being adventurous AT ALL in your way of dress as a man. That if you waver at all from the NORMAL BORING GUY outfit, your guy friends will see you as this (below):
and then relentlessly TEASE THE SHIT OUT OF YOU FOREVER. 

What is THAT about!? Is that the man version of the genderist self-loathing talk that we women are known to engage in?
Wow, someone needs to explore that. 

So when I was shopping for my husband, I tried to go modern, to go cool with the clothes, something like this:
Or this:

So that he doesn't look like a sloppy cheesy guy from 20 years ago. 

Or even this (below), how freaking money is Bill Murray:


  1. Why the hell DO men wear cargo shorts? Is there a surplus of cargo that all men have to pitch-in and offer up their services to move it? "Here, let me help you with that cargo. I've got cargo shorts on."